Opium perfume

Opium perfume by YSL is an oriental perfume that raised controversy within America-Chinese groups due to the name of the Opium parfum. This fragrance carries fruit notes mixed with spices, plum and pepper, jasmine, rose, as well as cinnamon, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, musk, vetiver and other notes to create this beautiful and unique Yves Saint Laurent perfume. It has caused quite a controversy with the name (as you know opium is a drug) and the ad campaigns as well featuring women that look like under influence. Opium for men (Opium pour Homme) was created in 1995 and we have discount YSL perfume offer that includes Opium fragrance. Buy this wholesale perfume at great price.

Baby doll perfume

This Saint Laurent perfume is sparkly, luscious and citrusy perfume. Baby doll fragrance is among those women fragrances recommended for day wear. Discount YSL Baby doll perfume is original cheap perfume at wholesale perfume price. Buy Baby doll fragrance online and enjoy the low prices on original perfumes.

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YSL Elle perfume

your signature scent ... You can buy perfume from our discount perfume collections and receive wholesale perfume that is an original perfume at wholesale perfume price. Some of the cheap prices are as low as strawberrynet discount perfume. We offer plenty of YSL original women fragrances, including the controversial and seductive Opium. Perfume online is the right choice to get your Yves Saint Laurent cosmetic products and fragrance.

List of other fragrances from this brand


YSL Opium Baby Doll is a flirtatious Lauren perfume. Cinema perfume, also Cinema Festival D'Ete, is available at our discount perfume selection. Buy discount fragrances from YSL. Elle perfume was launched in 2007 and it features floral and musk notes and later YSL introduced Elle d'Ete fragrance. We also have gorgeous In Love Again perfume by Yves Saint Laurent has great prices. Buy also In Love Again Jasmin Etoile fragrance and In Love Again Passion. Nu perfume (Nu fragrance) is a sharp and oriental perfume. Opium perfume is one of the leading YSL fragrances and we sell also opium perfume for women, as well Opium parfum for men.

The versions of Opium fragrance are Opium Fleur De Shanghai, Opium Orchidee de Chine, Opium Summer. Paris perfume is a beautiful and pure day wear fragrance with violet and rose notes. We have discount Paris perfume, Paris Jardins Romantiques, Paris Roses Des Vergers, Paris Roses Enchantees, Paris Springtime perfume at great price as well as Parisienne perfume. Rive Gauche belongs to floral aldehyde fragrances and it also has Rive Gauche Intense version. You can also buy discount Vice Versa perfume from YSL, Y perfumes and Young Sexy Lovely which is another of the Yves Saint Laurent perfume. We sell Yvresse Champagne too. If you search for men perfume, consider the sophisticated Jazz cologne. Jazz YSL has also Jazz, Jazz Live perfume. Kouros by YSL has been very successful perfume for men. We offer you Kouros eau de toilette, Body Kouros, Kouros Cologne Sport, Kouros Fraicheur, cheap Koros after shave, Kouros Summer, Kouros Tattoo perfume for men. Perfume online have La Nuit de L'Homme and cologne perfume M7 that is a very masculine men cologne. Among discount cologne we feature Opium men and Rive Gauche cologne for men. Discount Rive Gauche Intense has best price. YSL men perfume has the YSL L'Homme and YSL L'Homme Summer.