Nina by Nina Ricci

Nina Nina Ricci

Nina is simply delicious fragrance from Nina Ricci. Its fresh and fruity notes are irresistable. Inspired by red apple, Nina Ricci fragrance Nina has it all - the freshness of lime, seductive notes of caramel. The Nina Ricci perfume and eau de toilette, as well as Nina Ricci testers available.

Pretty Nina by Nina Ricci

Pretty Nina is an edition of the Nina Ricci Nina fragrance with added notes of raspberry, green apple and vanilla. Pretty Nina is a perfume for both day and night. Pretty Nina giftsets include, Pretty Nina shower gel, Nina Ricci Nina Pretty Nina perfume and body cream.

Avid collectors of pretty perfume bottles usually fall in love with the bottles used for Nina Ricci perfumes. They are encouraged to collect more Nina Ricci fragrances because the bottles standing beside each other really look good.
Many users of the brand’s fragrances also love the fruity smell. They always feel as though they are enveloped by sweetness everywhere. Most of the Nina Ricci perfume patrons are crazy about how the musky and fruity smell of classic perfumes are long lasting. As they say, if you want to feel like royalty, you ought to wear a Nina Ricci perfume.

Everything that perfume lovers want is provided by L’Air du Temps with its rosewood and bergamot fragrance, which supports the use of carnation. Others also love the smell of sandal and cedar along with the effects of musk and amber.
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Nina Ricci perfume


your nina ricci perfume... Since the first Nina Ricci perfume was launched in 1946 by the mother and son duo of Maria “Nina” Ricci and Robert, they have been successful in the perfume world. The first popular perfume from this brand was created with a name L’Air du Temps, which literally means “Air of Time.” Now, it still has its hold on the hearts of the current generation as the perfume is still produced now.

Nina Ricci was founded in 1932 in Paris by Maria and her son, Robert. Since 1998, the brand has been owned by Puig, a Spanish beauty and fashion company. Nina was responsible for making the gowns while Robert ran the business and managed financed. The fashion company became known for Nina’s romantic and refined designs in gowns.
The first fragrance from the brand was created in 1946 by Robert, called Coeur Joie. In 1948, he created L’Air du Temps, which brought fame to the brand and continues to be a best seller today. It has a dove flacon, which is its signature smell.

List of Nina Ricci fragrances


Nina Ricci Ricci perfumeAside from L’Air du Temps being the best seller among all Nina Ricci fragrances, there are many other perfumes to choose from. Pretty Nina is one of the notable fragrances with its vanilla, green apple and raspberry smell. It can be used both day and night and best paired with Pretty Nina shower gel and body cream for a relaxing night.
There are many other perfumes from the brand for both men and women. For women, they have Premier Jour, Love in Paris, Les Belles de Ricci, and Premier Jour Soleil, Nina L’Elixir, Capricci, Deci Dela, Eau de Fleurs, Fille d’Eve, Le Paradis de Nina, Love by Nina, the newest L’Air, and more. For men, they have Memoire D’Homme, Phileas, Ricci Club, and Signoricci.
Deci Dela by Nina Ricci was launched in 1994. This is another day and night perfume with a lot of fruity notes typical of the brand’s fragrances. Premier Jour is ideal for modern women with its mild, feminine scent. Fleur de Fleurs is a rare fragrance from the brand, especially now that its production has been stopped. L’Eau de Temps has a dominant smell of citrus, particularly blackcurrant and orange. Love in Paris has the fragrances of jasmine, apricot, and star anis with a mix of vanilla and musk. This perfume is best used at night.

If you want more feminine scent, you may also consider the Les Belles line. Les Belles Almond Delice is spicy and warm with the perfect combination of vanilla and cinnamon. Les Belles Almond Armour is best known for its vanilla, white musk and almond blossom that create a totally sweet smell. Les Belles de Ricci can remind you of summer with its fragrance.

Deci Dela by Nina Ricci (created in 1994) is a woody perfu me recommended both for day and night. It has also delicate fruity notes, such as melon.

Nina Ricci Premier Jour is a soft, feminine scent for modern women. This sensual and romantic fragrance by Nina Ricci is recommended for day and night. Buy discounted Nina Ricci Premier Jour. Fleur de Fleurs perfume by Nina Ricci is now unfortunately discontinued. However some stores still might have a bottle of this rare fragrance. L'Air Du Temps Perfume by Nina Ricci is a spicy floral perfume available in most perfume stores online. L'Eau Du Temps is another citrus perfume from Nina Ricci that includes orange and blackcurrant. Love in Paris perfume includes star anis, apricot and jasmine, as well as musk and vanilla. This perfume is recommended for evening.

Les Belles Almond Amour by Nina, Les Belles de Ricci and Les Belles Delice by Nina Ricci is another successful perfume line from this designer. Les Belles Delice is a very warm and spicy fragrance that has a cinnamon combined with vanilla. Les Belles de Ricci is a green, fruity fragrance for summer, and Les Belles Almond Amour is a tender sweet fragrance with almond blossom, white musk and vanilla notes.