L'Eau Par Kenzo

This beautiful fresh fragrance was created in 1997 and is still one of the best selling Kenzo perfumes. All parfumes from this brand have their signature notes and also L' Eau Par Kenzo has the freshness of freesia, bergamot and citrus. Buy Kenzo parfum online with huge discounts or on sale. This beautiful fragrance will be perfect for day in summer, but can also be great as a typical daily fragrance.


Kenzo flower has been a huge success from the line of perfumes by this designer. This Sensual perfume - Flower by Kenzo has become a signature perfume for many women. This powdery floral fragrance is tender and sensual and it includes white musk and vanilla. Magic of this Kenzo perfume is in the amazing blend of parma violet, vanilla and bulgarian rose notes. The red flowersfrom this fashion house still are one of the bestsellers in perfume world.

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Kenzo fragrances

Kenzo Amour

CUSTOMER FAVORITES Kenzo perfumes, including Jungle and the delightful light and flirty Kenzo summer. Great prices, discounts on the original fragrances both for ladies perfumes and cologne. Kenzo by Kenzo, Kenzo Air and Air Intense, Kenzo Homme is an elegant choice for a sensual masculine fresh cologne for men. All of these perfumes are sold in design bottles representing the clean lines and romantic touch of designs by this famous fashion house.

List of other favorite fragrances from the brand


Kenzo pocket size pebbles from the Ryokko collection are great addition to whole series of perfumes. As always the design of the bottle is a perfection and this time they have made in a pebble-like shapes. This beautiful set (which is an amazing gift for someone who likes this brand) includes the most famous fragrances, such as Flower by Kenzo, Summer by Kenzo, L'eau Par Kenzo Pour Femme, L'eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme, Summer.

Flower Le Parfum is the more oriental version of the famous fragrance with more emphasis on amber. It is still among the top ten favorites of customers.

Jungle L'Elephant will make a great gift for anyone who likes spicy, oriental perfumes with some mandarin notes. Jungle L'Tigre by Kenzo is a refreshing, beautiful perfume of oriental notes. Blend of cinnamon and citrus will make it a perfect daytime and summer perfume.

Kashaya by Kenzo was launched in 1994. Also this fragrance carries that traditional oriental and fresh style of the fashion house. Its fruity and amber notes makes it very refreshing daytime Kenzo fragrance

Kenzo by Kenzo is clean and fresh perfume and you will definitely get many compliments on this fragrance. Check out discounted Kenzo perfumes and buy Kenzo fragrances and perfumes online. Kenzo Amour is an amazing perfume that incorporates cherry blossom, white tea, vanilla and rice all at the same time. The beautifully sculptured bottle is also worth admiring. Get Kenzo gift set and save money on these fantastic fragrances online. The Ca Sent Beau was launched 1988. This scent has tuberose and mandarin as first notes. Middle notes have vetiver and final notes are patchouli and amber.

If you like slightly oriental and citrusy perfumes, you most likely will like most of the fragrances from this brand. They are very floral, very likeable and most of them are like a breeze of fresh air in spring. Some are more flirtatious and more powdery. For example, the Le Monde is flowery and light perfume. Its wonderful combination of notes will earn you great deal of compliments. Kenzo Summer is floral, feminine and powdery perfume that will remind you of a summer day anywhere/anytime. It might just become your signature perfume. Parfum D'Ete is classic and casual Kenzo fragrance for evening.

Time for Peace is a cologne in the traditional light, clean and refreshing perfume style. Jungle Kenzo for men is a spicy cologne for men. Kenzo by Kenzo for men is a fantastic signature scent for men - its oriental and aquatic notes make it one of the top sellers in men's cologne market. Kenzo Air cologne in an amazingly beautiful ice cube like bottle is a masculine cologne by Kenzo, which was launched in 2004. It has evergreen, amber, as well as some notes of a bergamot. Kenzo Power for men and Tokyo for men has lemon and grapefruit, green tea and cedar to make you feel like in vibrant city of Tokyo.