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Women who have used Betsey Johnson perfume would describe it as eccentric and tantalizing. The scent of the said fragrance is inspired by her multi-faceted personality. Top notes of lively and enthusiastic fruity fragrances are combined such as tangerine, pear, grapefruit, apple, amber, praline, and musk. Middle notes of floral fragrance like freesia, lily of the valley and red apple speak of bright and charming scents. In addition, the base notes like cedarwood, sandalwood, praline, amber, and musk also emphasize the dazzling woody or earthy combination along with the fruity and floral top and middle notes.

Perfume review

The perfume bottle aptly describes Betsey herself having the boudoir pin up and pop art rock start look. The bottle appears to have a fruity floral vintage design that matches with the scent of the top, middle, and base notes. Majority of its users would highly recommend using the perfume not just for special occasions but for daily use as well. Based on online reviews, the most common commendations are its great smell, drawing compliments, long-lasting fragrance, great value for money, and a sexy scent. The perfume bottle alone already draws attention to the users. They like the idea of a new, exciting look of a fragrance bottle compared to the plain ones. The smell is also being praised by many women who have tried it. Some mentioned that it can be great for summer wear, while others prefer spraying it on daily. It is considered a classic women’s scent without being too feminine and sweet.

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Betsey Johnson Fragrance

you simply cannot go wrong with a betsey johnson perfume...Signature perfumes are appreciated much by the many. Many perfume designer brands have been introduced to the market and as more and more fragrances are created, the scents have become bolder, more embellished and more exciting. Betsey Johnson perfume is one of those perfume brands that goes with style aimed at vibrant women.

Betsey Johnson is a name that you can associate with perfumes and colognes. The vibrant and rich personality of Betsey Johnson becomes her trademark for opening her first boutique to the market in 1969 where she first started showcasing a line of elegantly decorated designs. Then, she explored more additions to her product lines and eventually introduced her first signature fragrance in 1996. With an increasing popularity in the market, Betsey Johnson perfume finally made a show in the Fashion Walk of Fame in 2002.

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Other Fragrances by the brand
In September 2011, Betsey Johnson introduced another line of fragrance named Too Too. It is designed with a fresh and radiant combination of floral and fruity scents which targets the young, bubbly, and free-spirited girls.
Its top notes are sweet passion fruit, strawberry, and ginger. The middle notes are composed of the fruity and floral scents of jasmine, Bulgarian rose, and strawberry while its base notes are sandalwood, vanilla, and patchouli.

Anyone would be attracted to the pretty bottle of Too Too designed with a rich feminine touch. Owing to her being a former ballerina, Betsey Johnson designed a ballerina bottle dressed in pink and black ballet outfit.