Idole D'Armani

Idole by this brand is another seductive and elegant perfume online. Slightly oriental, floral and sensual Armani fragrance is the new Idole. Rose loukoum, saffron and patchouli blends create a perfect feminine and seductive women perfume. Buy cheap perfume online and get original perfume buy paying less.

Armani Mania

Armani Mania is very feminine and soft perfume. The subtle notes of peony and lilly of the valley and peony together with pink spice, amber and musk have blended into an amazing seductive fragrance by Armani. Buy Armani perfumes online and receive discounts on Armani fragrances and skincare. The amazing Armani perfumes are available at wholesale prices on Armani fragrances. Buy original perfumes online and save money. We have the lowest prices on these perfumes and sell original designer perfumes, such as Armani perfume.


  • Acqua di Gio
  • Acqua di Gioia
  • Acqua di Gioia Essenza
  • Armani Code for Women
  • Armani Code Elixir
  • Armani Code Luna
  • Armani Code Sheer
  • Armani Code Summer Pour Femme
  • Armani Mania
    Armani Si
Armani Onde Vertige
Armani Onde Mystere

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Armani perfume

Armani Code

your Giorgio armani perfume... Armani perfumes are very sensual - from light notes of Armani mania to more persistent and sexy Armani code perfume. Armani perfume, also Armani women perfumes are usually among fragrance bestsellers. Some of the top parfumse include Armani mania perfume and Armani code perfume. Armani parfume. The emporio perfume, perfume diamonds, also Sensi perfume are not cheap perfume but some sites have perfume sale.

Menswear would never have been as fashionable as it is now without Giorgio Armani. This Italian fashion house helped revolutionize the fashion sense of men when this fashion company was founded. Now, it has established itself as one of the pillars in men’s fashion. It is still one of the best known brands with greatly suitable creations for fashionable men.

Giorgio Armani was founded by an Italian fashion designer of the same. He started out as a designer for menswear. The founder himself has a good foundation buried in the menswear sector. He started out as a shop-window designer working for a department store. He was employed by the famous fashion house of Nino Cerutti from 1960 to 1972. After he got out of this company, he started working as an independent designer while working for several fashion houses before he established his own company. His first men’s collection was launched in 1975, with the women’s wear launched the year after. Giorgio Armani also received a good amount of publicity when his creations were worn by actor Richard Gere in his film “American Gigolo. His character can be seen wearing the best Armani designs. This started all the film collaborations that came Armani’s way.
In 1970s to 1980, Armani broadened the number of products under his brand. More collections were introduced, such as jeans, accessories, undergarments, beauty products and fragrances, with the last two possible after coordinating with L’Oreal. In 1982, Armani for Women was launched with Armani for men released in 1984.These two scents are quite successful for a long time, even now in the 21st century. This only shows the relevance of the Armani products even in the modern days.

List of Armani fragrances

Arrmani Acqua di GioIf you want to have a signature scent, you can choose from a lot of colognes and fragrances carrying the Armani name. They are usually sensual and sexy for the users. You may consider Aqua Di Gio, Armani Code Pour Femme, Armani by Giorgo Armani, Armani Code Sheer, and more. These are original fragrances from the brand which are still available in more affordable prices if you know where to buy them, which should be online. If you are looking for a gift giving idea, buying Giorgio Armani fragrances would be a good one. Summer Mania and Sensi White Notes are the milder perfumes of Mania and Sensi, respectively.

Designer perfumes are expensive. Their founders have spent a lot of time, money and effort to boost the brand hence the expensive prices. However, you can still afford to buy Giorgio Armani perfumes if you look for them online. There are several websites that generously offer discounts to the buyers. You just need to know where to look. If you don’t have a lead, compare all these online stores carefully.

Looking for perfect perfume or fragrance or cologne or gift or need your own signature scent -have a look at the wide range of world's most sensual fragrances from Armani. Buy aqua Di Gio perfume, Armani by Giorgio Armani perfumes, or have a look at the Armani Code Pour Femme perfume and its lighter version names Armani Code Sheer by Giorgio Armani. These are all original fragrances at low prices. Delightful Armani Mania perfume or Emporio Armani Armani White perfumes, Emporio City Glam perfume, Emporium Diamonds perfume and its version Emporio Diamonds Intense by Giorgio Armani will make great gift. Emporio Night perfume,
Emporio Remix fragrance, Gio by Giorgio Armani, Sensi perfume by Armani all have great sale prices and various sizes - from perfume travel sets to testers, that are cheaper in price. Idole d'Armani and Mania perfume are great perfumes to buy online. Both Mania and Sensi have their lighter versions - Summer Mania perfume and Sensi White Notes perfume. Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani - Armani gio perfume is one of the most beautiful cologne for men by Armani. Buy also Armani perfume for men, Armani Code for men fragrance, Attitude Pour Homme by Giorgio Armani Si perfume for womenArmani, which is another great cologne for men by Armani. Shop online for Black Code perfume for men, Emporio Armani for men, Emporio Armani White perfume for men or buy online discounted Emporio City Glam, Emporio Diamonds for men or Emporio Night perfume. All original perfumes at wholesale prices.

Armani Si is one of the newest fragrances for women. It is not entirely feminine - there have been added few middle notes for more masculinity. This charming perfume is opening with blackcurrant, freesia and tempting sweet rose tree notes followed by patchouli and masculine wood notes, but the base for this perfume is rose and warm vanilla.